Arabian Horse Ranch

Larkspur, Colorado

This exceptional home in the shadows of Pikes Peak reflects the owner’s exquisite taste. Waterscapes Inc. was summonsed to build a recreational pond for the resident’s children to swim, for the adults to be entertained, and for the family dogs to splash. By situating it in the exact sightline of neighboring Pikes Peak, we were able to provide the owners the amazing reflection of that ionic mountain in the warm summer evenings when the water turns to glass. In the winter the pond functions as a skating rink for pickup hockey games. Paddling a canoe, trying to land one of the four and five-pound rainbows, and swinging off the rope swing into the cool water provide wonderful family entertainment

This amazing home has been featured in several magazines. It was also a full front-page and center article in Luxe magazine.

Design/Build Waterscapes Inc