Where the Buffalo Roam

Lookout Mountain, Genesee, Colorado

What an iconic, wonderful project to be involved in for a five-generation native Coloradan like myself!

Located next door to the Denver Buffalo Preserve, this amazing site was an 1800s homestead. Preserved in the original family, the owner was in the process of returning to Colorado to restore the site and build his new dream home. First on his list was to build a team with Western Ranch Resource Properties and Waterscapes Inc.

His goals included rebuilding the ponds, windmill, and meadows and thinning the forest. Groundwater was again encountered but properly mitigated. The sump was built for fire protection, several species of aquatic plants were installed, and the owners are ready to introduce sport-fishing.

An 1800s-era windmill actually pumps ground water and deposits into an authentic stone-lined homesteader prairieĀ cattle trough. Evergreenā€™s elk population have now found their favorite crib!

Western Lands Ranch Restoration Services
Tom Roberts
Waterscapes Inc