Cathedral Pines Exclusive Development 

Black Forest, Colorado

Working directly with landsite developer David Jones and Associates, Waterscapes Inc. was contracted to build several water storage lake areas that would replace the required ugly water tanks and yet still keep the neighborhood protected in case of fire. Unfortunately, that method was tested in the 2012 Black Forest fire.  Many homes and structures in surrounding areas were lost, but all of the homes in the exclusive Cathedral Pines neighborhood were protected. This was largely due to the preparation of the land planner, as they were able to utilize the various lake-connected hydrants as well as directly pull aerial water from the surface of the lakes.

Besides the very functional aspects of this project, we installed a half-mile long connection stream and picnic area that runs astride of the recreation center.  The ponds provide for an amazing wildlife experience, and it was the site of the annual neighborhood fishing derby.

Large local boulders are sprinkled throughout the settlement, and the system picks up flash flood waters and redirects them around the structures to provide an exceptionally aesthetic flood control system. Again, water features by Waterscapes Inc. have survived high-water floods in washouts and provided ultimate recreation for environmentally conscious clients.

Dave Jones & Associates